Frequently asked questions

What if my Items doesn't sell?

You're welcome to come back to get your items, but you have to give us 5 day notice, this will give us time to locate your items. if you would like to donate your items in a period of 6 months we can definetly do it. We partnershop with charities and we donate thousands of items to them. They goy straight to families in need.

How much porcentage do I get once my Items sell?

We run a sales report every other week ( Twice a month) and we will split 50 % - 50% we can give you a check, or we can provide you with a store credit. this is definetly up to you! If you havent herd from us is most likley because your balance is less than $20.00 we will call you once you reach over $20.00 so you can come for your check / store credit.

Who sets the price for the items?

We look the item online, based on status of it, we determine price. If you have a price in mind, please let us know and we will definetly consider it

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